I’ve been tagged!

There’s a game of blog tag being played and I got tagged twice! In the spirit of keeping the game going, I thought I would answer immediately (that way I won’t forget, like I have for a couple of awards, which I promise to do this week!) I have to answer 10 questions and since I got tagged twice (by The Chronicles of Cardigan and The (mis)Adventures of Sage), I will answer the questions twice with the help of Cali.

1. Describe yourself in 7 words:
Cali: playful, sweet, lovable, relaxed, HUNGRY, patient, devoted!
Me: silly, chatty, creative, animal lover, loyal, happy, positive

picture of a dog with brown eyes

My mom says i have sweet eyes!

My mom says I have sweet eyes

2. What keeps you up at night?
Cali: Monkey! He kicks me out of my bed all the time!
Me: The to-do list that is constantly running thru my brain! (& sometimes . . Monkey!)

Picture of a cat with big whiskers

Who Me!? I’m completely innocent…

Who me? I’m completely innocent!

3. Who would you like to be?
Cali: I’m pretty happy being me!
Me: Just little ole me 🙂

4. What are you wearing right now?
Cali: Nothing but a smile!
Me: Jeans and a teal top with a gray sweater (brrr, it’s cold today!)

5. What scares you?
Cali: Thunder, fireworks, and hockey games (well, maybe it’s my dad yelling at the hockey games!)
Me: Spiders, mean people, driving in the snow (there is a threat of snow tonight, I already went out to get my groceries, yes . .I’m that girl!)

6. The best and worst of blogging.
Cali: I’m the center of attention (I like that) but sometimes I get tired of modeling!
Me: All of the great people that I meet virtually- YAY!! All of the spam comments I get- BOO! (thank you Akismet for making it easier to delete them!)

picture of a bored dog in a field of flowers and grass

How much longer do I have to stand here!? I’m hungry…

How much longer do I have to stand here? I’m hungry!

7. The last website I visited.
Cali: I watched a video yesterday: Cat vs. Dog – A trick contest
Me: The Chronicles of Cardigan (those corgi’s always make me smile!!!)

8. What is one thing I would change about myself.
Cali: Nothing!
Me: I wish I had inherited my grandmother’s cooking gene 🙂

9. Slankets yes or no.
Cali: I’m always warm, so no!
Me: I’m a fuzzy blanket girl, but I’m sure if I had a fuzzy Slanket, I’d be happy!

10. Tell us something about the dog(s) that tagged you.
Cali: My moms says that Sage LOVES the mud almost as much as I love puddles and she sleeps on the cat’s scratch post! (I could never get away with that in my house!) She also says that Dewi and Jon Farleigh are super cute corgis that make her laugh every day.

And now, I’m supposed to tag someone else! If you have already been tagged, just link to your questions in the comments! TAG- YOU’RE IT!