Kenzie’s 10 weeks old!

by Jules on January 13, 2014

We went to our first training class tonight and she did really well! She was by far the most excited to be there – she really wanted to say hello to everyone and she couldn’t wait to play with the other puppies. During the first play session she was very submissive when approaching the other pups, but by the last play session, she was a little more confident. We practiced “sit” and “down” and then releasing to go play. It was a fun evening after a really good day!

She just keeps getting cuter every day (I don’t know, I might be biased . . what do you think??)


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  • Shraddha SM

    ohh darling you are not biased at ALL… she is getting cuter with every passing day… <3

  • houndstooth

    Yep! She’s definitely getting cuter! :)

  • Edith Levy

    She is definitely a cutie pie.

  • Jen K

    Ohmygosh – she is adorable! Don’t stop taking (and sharing) puppy photos!
    Glad to hear the first class went well!

  • Maggie

    Biased or not, she is a seriously cute puppy!!!

  • Jodi

    I’m in love. :-) Tell me how she slept, was she a better puppy after class? Did you get any insights as to how to help you with certain issues you’ve been having?

  • jana rade

    OMD, I don’t know how much cute she could get … SO CUTE!

  • Jim Wood

    What a gorgeous puppy!

  • perubee

    Adorable ! I agree.

  • anna

    definitely a cute puppy

    -owner of a 2.5 yr old lab i dont think will ever grow up

  • holly h

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  • ShelleyDN

    Oh My God she’s beautiful! Glad to know that the first class went well. Obviously Kenzie is a smart and adorable dog. You’re so lucky to have her.

  • petmatt


    She is sooo cute – love it.

  • disqus_EbCBwjiDhU

    Very cute! Reminds me of my pup when she was younger

  • Pet Don

    Amazing and cute dogs i ever seen in my life.

  • Cohen Rodriguez

    What a cute dog. She brings the beauty back in black. I got one myself, although she’s a different breed. She barks a lot so I decided to write something about the loudest dogs. LOL! Here’s my blog about it: (I do use an anti-barking collar like Garmin bark limiter from time to time when her barking gets out of hand).

  • PupSeparationAnxiety

    Happy 10 months birthday to Kenzie..a month late :p

  • Phoebe Schwartz

    She’s adorable! But don’t you think she’s too young for training?

  • Colin

    Is this a King Charles Spaniel? I’ve read that that breed, and similar breeds stop maturing mentally and in a sense stay “stuck” in puppyhood. I thought that was interesting.

  • Neil Yeban

    Yes, she’s cute especially in the last picture. :) She will remain that way as long as the training will not stress her out :)

    check this out (

  • Marly

    She is adorable! Check out

  • ScoochyourPooch

    She is absolutely precious!!

  • Julie Smith

    I think she deserves a prize for her training sessions. I have a 3 month old puppy and I don’t think he would last even five minutes of training. He is so spoiled, but so lovable…Kenzie looks like a happy adorable dog just like Chopin, my puppy, never mind the training.

  • doglover

    Hello, does anyone know where I can buy a Farewell pet kit casket?

  • Dog-Shame

    You’re not biased. She is the cutest thing ever…

  • komal

    Gorgeous puppy !!Now you can get the health tips for your healthy puppy.


  • Paula

    I agree! Very cute! We just acquired a Lab puppy from so I am a bit biased when I say that she is almost as cute as Lady.

  • Jone (http://adventuressalvado

    She is too adorable!

  • Austin Schuetz

    Drank coffee that was too hot, burnt the roof of my mouth. Oh what misfortune!

  • Anna

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  • Anna
  • Tulane Undergrad

    Your puppy is so cute! What kind of dog is she? I’m looking to get a dog soon, but I live in a pretty small house with a very small yard. Do you have any suggestions as to what the best type of dog would be? I’ve been looking around, but would love some input!

  • Little Kids

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  • Lilli

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  • doglovers

    She so adorable. Looking at your dog made me think of mine. I miss him.

  • shawncowwen

    looks very beautiful. A good care of her has been taken

  • H. Edison Harrington

    Puppy classes are great, they help build the bond between owners and their puppies. Once she starts to mature you will need to double your efforts to maintain a high level of obedience, teenagers can be rebellious lol

  • dodo bdr
  • Geena

    She is more than cute, she is BEAUTIFUL! Glad to know she is enjoying her first dog training. Continue to provide environment that supports her training at home :-)

  • Dog Love

    Oh what a lovely puppy:3
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  • PetNibbles

    What a precious little pup! She’s gorgeous. We’d love to send you a sample pack of treats. DM us on Twitter!

  • Prabir Kumar Mondal

    Looking so nice… I really like this puppy. The classes are great. Want to buy a puppy? I have some cute puppies please go here.

  • basic puppy training

    kenzie is so so cute, I wish i could have a dog like her. Nice share!

  • Jane

    Shes really cute, now i remember my dog marthey back at home. Cute!

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  • Clara Banana

    this is so cute!!!!

    I just adopted a dog from the animal shelter.

  • training bob

    what an adorable dog! Do you see a big difference in Kenzie now since taking the classes?

  • Sarah Smith
  • ATCPetSupplies

    What an adorable dog! You can tell she has so much personality. Thanks for sharing!

  • Mike

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  • Yenn

    Just out of curiosity how many other dogs were in your training class? We just finished adult one dog with our adopted pit – such a great way to both train and socialize! You have an adorable pup!

  • NabiAwada

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  • Pom Pom

    Great pictures! It’s not always easy when you’re in the beginning stages of training, but it’s always interesting!

  • Europet

    Kenzie looks so cute. I used to have a pet like this in Dubai, i got him from I like it when they are this age and naughty and getting into everything

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  • samantha

    Kenzie is so sweet. I want him :)

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