Things that make you go hummm?

by Jules on June 7, 2011

My husband did some “keyword research” to see what kind of information pet people are looking for in an attempt to help me write blog posts that are relevant (he’s sweet, isn’t he?).  The number one search was, “How to get a dog to mount you”.  Hummm. I’m not quite sure why you would need to know that.  Is it something that you want to train your dog to do, so you can use it to train it out of him?

When our dog Cali was a puppy, she used to put her paw over your arm while you were petting her (a cute little puppy move) and our trainer suggested that we teach her to “touch” our hand and then never give her the command.  For reasons that we don’t really understand, it worked!  We also did the same with the command “speak” (although, that one didn’t work quite as well!  She still barks at dogs on television, goes crazy when the doorbell rings, and barks at other dogs when we are on a walk.)  But, she does bark on command, which I enjoy :)

Maybe the 5314 searches for “how to get a dog to mount you” were by frustrated dog owners, trying to think of a way to get their dog to stop mounting them, we will never know.  I wonder what kind of results they got for their search (NO, I’m not going to try it!)  The next closest question was “should I breed my dog” at 793 searches.  Things that make me go hummm.  That is a question that can start all kinds of debate!

Crazy questions aside, my intention is to write about the joy of living with pets, the trials and tribulations of navigating our pets health problems, and my day to day experiences with my fur kids.

No, I do not know how to get a dog to mount you.  That, my friends, is a post for another pet lover 😉


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