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by Jules on April 3, 2012

I mentioned last week that I got a tattoo while I was on a “business” trip to Myrtle Beach. I wanted something meaningful and I wanted it put in a place that I would see it. I think it is a perfect reminder and I just love the way it turned out :)

I know it’s hard to tell from the photo, but it’s on the inside of my right forearm just above my wrist. There have been several people that have asked, “why breathe?” (including my dad !) and I just shrug – I think a tattoo is a pretty personal thing and sometimes it’s not easy to explain. As a designer I love the way it looks, and as a yoga instructor, I love the reminder . .taking a moment to breathe can help you in any situation!

And you know what? It kinda makes me feel just a little bit badass too – I’ve always been such a “good girl” that it is kind of nice to be bad! How about you . . have you ever done anything that surprised everyone around you? Anyone else have a tattoo that they really love??

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  • http://littledogsonlongleashes.blogspot.com Georgia Little Pea

    Nice one. Good choice of word too. I have to remind myself to do that quite often ;)

    I love tattoos, though I don’t have a single one myself, mainly because I’m too chicken. I make do with henna. The one thing I do that surprises people is capoeira.

    • Jules

      That sounds fun – I love doing anything to music!

  • http://www.lifewitharie.com Katherine

    The text work is beautiful–very steady hand on your artist! I think the tattoo is perfect for you. I’ve been thinking about one for years, and even have it sketched, but I haven’t bit the bullet yet.

    I’m actually from SC–My parents and I used to make the drive to Myrtle Beach every summer to play putt-putt (it is the mini golf capital of the world, after all), spend time on the beach, and just have some family time. Maybe next time I go back I’ll have to get inked instead. :)

    • Jules

      Thanks Katherine! I think he did an amazing job – I would totally recommend him if you are in Myrtle Beach. He did a gorgeous lotus flower on my friend’s foot and he drew it freehand! If you are ever headed there, let me know and I will pas along his info!!

  • http://rescuedinsanity.com Kristine

    It looks gorgeous! Tattoos are very personal things, I agree. I am so glad you are so happy with it. That’s really all that matters.

    Most people don’t know I have a tattoo. In fact, I think I have only told three or four people. Until now. :-P It’s not that I am embarrassed, it’s more that I got it just for me and it’s in a place not openly visible. As I’ve always been a “good girl” as well I am sure most people would be stunned!

    • Jules

      Now I am intrigued . .what is your tattoo of??? It’s nice to have one that is personal too . . .maybe my next one???

  • http://snoopysdogblog.com Snoopy@snoopysdogblog

    That’s so beautiful…. Way to go!! :)

    Yep, my Mum got one about 10 years ago – yep, way before I was born and guess what it is – it’s Snoopy!! :)


    Your pal Snoopy :)

    • Jules

      I love the fact that she has a Snoopy tattoo :)

  • http://www.GoPetFriendlyBlog.com Amy@GoPetFriendly

    It’s gorgeous! Tell the truth … how much did it hurt? I’ve always been a good girl too, but this is so beautiful it could make me consider talking the leap. And I think it makes perfect sense for a yoga instructor!

    • Jules

      Honestly, it didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would! The massage I had the day before hurt worse!!

  • http://chroniclesofcardigan.blogspot.com/ Elizabeth

    Wow! Good for you. :) I don’t sport any ink (but a do have a couple pencil leads in my leg from elementary school – probably bad for my health). I don’t think I will get a tattoo just because when I get older (in like 5 years probably) my skin will be too saggy and wrinkly, and then I’d be one of those people whose tattoo gets abbreviated or stretched into something horrible. :-/

    The only “wild” thing I’ve ever done to myself is get my ears pierced a second time. The holes have grown back together, however, due to lack of use.

    I will refrain from telling you about all the wild and STUPID things I have done that thankfully didn’t get me killed or arrested.

    Hope you had a great Easter weekend!

  • http://www.jodistone.wordpress.com Jodi

    I won’t do it. I’m too afraid it will hurt. :-) But it looks really nice on you!! And I love the thought.

    • Jules

      It really didn’t hurt that bad! Thanks :)

  • http://lifewithdesmond.com lauren

    i think it’s so pretty! i’ve always wanted a tiny daisy above my ankle, but i’m a scaredy cat. i almost passed out after getting my navel pierced, so i cannot even fathom a tattoo’s effect on me. :-)

    on a side note, i had no clue you are a yoga instructor. that’s awesome! i love yoga. just did some this morning.

    • Jules

      Ha ha! I’d be much more afraid of getting my navel pierced! Hooray for Yoga :)

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