no dogs in hot cars

No Dogs in Hot Cars! INFOGRAPHIC

I’ve read many posts recently about the frustrations and dangers around people leaving their dogs in hot cars. It simply doesn’t make any sense – I rarely take Cali anywhere in the car if the temperature is above 70 degrees. I don’t believe these people don’t love their animals. I think they just underestimate how long their “quick trip” might take, and don’t understand how quickly their car can heat up. The temperature can rise 30 degrees in just 10 minutes!

I recently read a post that described exactly what happens to a dog that dies in a hot car. It’s devastating, inhumane, and pointless. Over the weekend I kept wondering how we could educate more people. Every year I read a post or a news story about a dog or baby dying in a hot car and I it makes me angry.

Seeing people running in tank tops and short with their dogs in 80+ degree weather also gets my blood boiling. Sure, if you want to take the dog for a run when it’s warm, then you wear a fur coat, just like they do. They don’t have the ability to put on shorts and a tank top, or to sweat for that matter. They cool their bodies by panting. Have you ever seen a dog with it’s bright red GIANT tongue out for a run? That means they are overheated! But I digress, today I am writing specifically about dogs in hot cars.

I often wonder what I can do to help educate people that don’t understand how fast cars get hot, and so over the last couple of days I created this infographic. Maybe it will get passed around and printed out and hung on every bulletin board and telephone pole, and maybe someone will think twice about leaving their dog in a car. If one person decides they will never do it again after reading the flyer, then maybe one dog will be saved from an awful, unnecessary death.

So please, feel free to pass it around – tweet it, share it on facebook, pin it, do whatever you wish with it. If you feel like I need to add something more to it, let me know – I am totally open to suggestions! It was harder than I thought to organize it into some kind of cohesive “visual” message and I was trying to keep it as simple as possible.

an infographic with the message of no dogs in hot cars